Saturday, May 18, 2013

A gift.

Abby was invited to a birthday party today, I gave her the option of me making a skirt or buying a toy- she chose the skirt.  She is very proud of the fact I make her clothes and brags to all of her friends (don't know how long that will last!) So I dug through my stash at 10pm last night - if I didn't procrastinate it just wouldn't be me! - and found something I thought was cute, and hoped it wasn't babyish.  I showed it to Abby in the morning and she didn't want to give it away! HA! That's a good sign, right?  I told her I had a bit left over though so I could make her one too if she really wanted.


I just made a simple Lazy Days skirt as we were only told about the party two days ago... and I procrastinated... plus, not knowing her size I thought I was pretty safe with this. (she is a little shorter than Abby, and maybe a touch thinner). 

Wanna know a secret?  I picked this Riley Blake print up on close out for something like $2.50 so the whole gift only cost me $1.50 if you include elastic- but if it is in my stash for over a year, doesn't that make it free?  Let's just go with that, free. 

I thought to make it a little more special I would embroider her name on the tag in the back.  I just free handed it, I should have taken the time to pencil the name first, it was a little difficult because I stitched it on to some pre-made bias tape so it was hard to hold. 

And I was either being brave or lazy, but I went with pink thread.  Probably lazy, because that is what I had in my machine at the time!

So I wrapped it in pretty pink tissue paper, added a hair clip and sent her on her way.  I just hope it is well received.  I don't want Abby to be made fun of or thought different of because it isn't a traditional gift or it is handmade, you know? 


  1. It is a lovely gift, and I hope it is appreciated!