Friday, May 10, 2013


I saw a call from Peek-a-boo patterns asking for a second round of testers for her new top,  I volunteered because I thought the shirt was adorable, and I was chosen! :)  I have had this neon pink knit in my stash for a while now, and Abby has been begging me to make something for her with it, but I never knew what to make.  This shirt seemed just right.


It is called Rosalie  ( I will update with the link when it is available ** it is now here **) and I sewed the size 6.  I wish I had added some length, but she was at school when I was sewing it, so it was too late.  I didn't hem it though so I could add a band to the bottom if needed. 

She is also wearing another pair of Raven shorts (more on those below).

The pattern calls for jersey that curls and oh boy did this one curl!   I really like the gathered sleeves, and I have never done a neckband like this- yay for learning something new:)

So I made these Raven Shorts a few days after the original pair but never blogged them (and even have another pair in denim that I cut at the same time and still haven't sewn). 

I used some Joel Dewberry that is pretty much my favorite fabric, I have previously used it here, here and here

And the coordinating print for the waistband. 

So the specifics, these are made from the Clever Charlotte Raven Pants pattern, shortened to knee length.  Size 6, pocket number three.  She is also finally regularly wearing her hopscotch top from over a year ago.  It was made before I understood how to properly measure and adjust patterns so it has been too big until recently. 

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  1. The top is cute!
    Love the shorts too - the coordinating fabrics really make it