Friday, May 31, 2013

For the fourth.

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I could make two Fourth of July outfits for her little girls, she had a picture of what she wanted and I immediately recognized them as patterns from Peekaboo patterns- though in the picture she showed me the sewist (is that the correct term? -seamstress?)  had used RTW shirts, I chose not to:)  I am still on the look out for buttons to go on the bib, I just haven't been able to make it out of the house in at least that long!

The dress is the Natalie, size 6 month.  The shirt is the Rosalie without the ruffles and the capris are the Cutie Pie, both size 4T.  I just free handed the bib shape and picked a spot to make the contrast band on the dress then put ric rac over the seam as per inspiration photo.

I ended up sewing the shirt to the skirt higher than the pattern calls for because I didn't think through the whole accounting for the bib part of my sewing.  I think it worked out just fine though!  Is there anything better than navy chevron and pleats? I think I am in heaven <3

The white knit is from girlcharlee, I love the weight and how it holds up!  I bought the more expensive knit from JA's and it is see through! What?? Of course I didn't realize it before I took it home...

I recently learned how to do a rolled hem on my serger!  Hooray!  The capris called for a rolled hem or narrow hem so I also did one on the dress to tie them together that one extra step.  Plus it is so fast once the machine is already set! :)

I am thinking the twins might need a pleated navy chevron skirt (Abby has told me she wont wear skirts now)... that is if I can find it in town again!  I talked to one of the local shops and he said it is on backorder with no definite delivery date- it's the hot thing right now apparently!  I found this at another shop as he wasn't sure he could get it in as fast as I needed it and I took nearly the last of the bolt.  Hmmmm... what is a good pleated skirt pattern, the 2+2?  Maybe a paper bag skirt?  


  1. You have done a great job on these Brittney - I am sure your friend will be thrilled.
    Having just made the 2+2, I'll vote for that!

  2. I love how the navy chevron looks pleated! I'll cast my vote for the 2+2 too.;)