Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ayashe blouse.

After making a crap load of skirts I wanted to make something "for me" before I moved on to my next project- custom order Disneyland outfits.  Eight pieces to be exact.  So, I chose the Figgy's Ayashe.  I have made this blouse once before and it gave me fits, but then Nicole did a super amazing, awesome sauce yoke tutorial and it was a piece of cake this time.  Well, aside from the collar edges, but I always struggle with those. 

I made a size 2/3 based on her measurements, it is a little big, but she just barely measured in to that size- which is maybe why it is so low in the front?  When I made Abby's I had to pop a few stitches in the front to get it over her head, but this one is as the pattern suggests. 

I used a yummy, soft but hard to photograph shot cotton and topstitched with gray thread.  I also went with the drawstring hem this time. 

I paired it with her Ottobre leggings (they have cute little bows at the ankle, but she didn't hold still long enough to catch them).  My choice was heavily influenced by Missy M's styling. 

I don't know what happened, perhaps I didn't properly read my lines, but I ended up with quite a bit of extra fabric while setting in the sleeves.  Rather than trying to recut my pieces I just did a little pleat.  The yoke lining and collar lining are both gray, I love the hint of it you catch as she moves. 

Next, I think I will make the Ayashe skirt in a gray denim then move on with my "must sew" list.   


  1. It is stunning and you are so sweet!
    How big are our babies getting now?
    xx N

  2. Looks good! Love the colour with contrast thread. I haven't made this blouse yet (on the tall pile of patterns to-do) and therefore enjoyed reading your journey making it.

  3. Love that color on her! The blouse is sweet.:)