Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swing dress.

 Back again with some more swing tops, though this time they are dresses.  I used the same tutorial as the other ones (here and here), and being the twins now had FOUR of the same top, I thought maybe it was time for a dress (or two).  I also made the same changes as before to the provided 2T pattern, added a bit more room in the chest and lengthened the sleeves a little. 

Sorry about the lack of ironing going on in these two wall shots.  Bad, I know. 

I used some girlcharlee knit I picked up ages ago and added a gold sparkle heart.  I apologize for not giving the source of the idea for the heart, I know I saw it somewhere, I just can't remember if it was on a blog or on a RTW site. 

I used some Martha Stewart paint I found at Jo-Ann, it said it worked on all kinds of surfaces including fabric.  It worked out alright, but a little came off with the first wash- I don't know if it was maybe something I somehow did?  I need to touch it up and wash again to see if maybe it is just the paint.  The second one I made (you'll see it later) I used a different paint and didn't have any problems after washing. 

I love the drape of it.  Still.  ( I realize I have said it a lot about these tops)

George seemed to like it's movements too.  She was jumping up and down and spinning around. 

Being I was lazy and just turned the neckline under instead of adding ribbing, it is a little wide on my narrow shouldered child.  Meh, it is extra long, so she will get plenty of wear out of it, and eventually grow in to it.

I was thinking, how cute would it be with tights, boots and a cardigan in the fall??

I used a neon pink paint with this one, but added some Martha Stewart purple sparkles.  I first just did the sparkle paint like the stripey shirt, but it didn't have a purple base like the gold base (if that makes any sense?) it was just see through sparkles, so I added the pink.  This one looks kind od like a night gown to me... which works out great because apparently I didn't get all of the crayon out of the dryer and now this one has black marks on the back and right in the front (thank you photoshop for your assistance in removing them for the pictures, haha).

That is probably all I will get in for Kids Clothes Week, I tend not to sew on Sunday, plus I still have a maxi skirt or two (adult) to finish, a reading pillow pattern I am testing, and have been commissioned to make three outfits each for a friend's two daughters to go to Disneyland in a month or so. 


  1. You are a busy Mummy!

    You beautiful girls look lovely in their new dresses.
    xx N

  2. I love it as a dress - what a great idea! Adding it to my own to-do list.

  3. It's even more adorable as a dress!

  4. Your little ones are just adorable, and your sewing is too:):)

  5. Ooooh, swing dresses?! It gets better and better!