Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ayashe skirt.

Thinking back on my sewing, I rarely make the two pieces that are meant to go together as a set (at least, the patterns that have two pieces).  It was time to remedy that!  So after I finished the Ayashe blouse I decided to go with the cute little pleated skirt.  

I used some gray denim and black buttons that were a pain to sew on, and yes, they didn't end up perfectly spaced... I need to go back and fix that, but the outfit was so cute I just wanted her to wear it today;) And very rarely will she change her clothes mid day, what ever she starts with she ends with- unless it gets wet, then she will change.  Funny girl.

Yep, the shot cotton is really hard to get a true shot of.  It isn't quite this bright in real life. 

Like the blouse, I made a 2/3.  She measures in to the18m, but this way we can get extra wear due to the way they have you do the adjustable waist (no buttonhole elastic).  George doesn't even measure in to the skirt!  In fact, today, she is wearing her 6m sailboat pants- what?!  Totally works for me though, they have now been in rotation for 18 months!

I lined the pockets with a scrap of the shot cotton, don't you just love hidden details? 

Abby has begged for politely requested a skirt like this, and I have some Lisette lawn set aside for a top, I just can't decide between long sleeve and short.  We wont need a jacket here until October, and even then we can get away with a cardigan until December, then by February we are back to cardis.  Sounds nice, eh?  It is, aside from the 110f + in the summer... 


  1. So adorable! I rarely make both pieces either and have never made this skirt! Need to get onto that. So many patterns, so little time.

  2. Me too, I tend to mix and match(although I have made a few sets for Tilly)
    Its gorgeous!
    xx N

  3. I'm the same way...mixing and matching and rarely sewing the same pieces all from one pattern. This is a lovely set!

  4. She is too cool for school in those glasses! I am also a mixer and matcher, but that's why I really love this combo - it
    "goes" without being matchy, and it's great for mixing and matching! :-)