Thursday, August 22, 2013


I made another pair of After School Pants, though much more muted than last time. 

These are a size 4 again, though this time I added 3 inches rather than the 2, for longer wear.  I used a really lightweight gray denim.

I forgot to add my tag to his back pocket, so I added it to the hem-ish area this time, sort of wish I would have unpicked the pocket and snuck it in.  Oh well.  It was a little tough to sew in since it was sewn on last and getting it under the machine was a little tricky, so my stitching is a little wonky.  Though from far away you can't see it. 

In his pockets this time I added some planet fabric he picked out at the store, turns out it glows in the dark!  He thought that was pretty cool, but was disappointed he can't see the insides while the pants are on. 


  1. Another great pair of pants, Brittney! Did you finish the red ones for today?;)

    1. Yes! :) I put the elastic in this morning before school, guess what? He loves them, haha!