Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swing top.

I am not sure how much I will get sewn this week (in case you're out of the loop somehow, it's Kids Clothes Week Challenge again!), but I am going to try!  We are currently working on an additional bedroom (yay!) and regular house/kids things always seem to get in the way, but that's life! 

So I started with something really easy, and most important, useful in the closet.  

I made #21 from the current issue of Ottobre Design (1-2014) size 92cm.  I knew the 92cm would be a little big, but that was the smallest size they offered.  It is also supposed to be a long sleeved shirt, but being she was in shorts yesterday I shortened the sleeves.

I used 17 inches for the neck binding (for my notes) and that was way too much, it gapes quite a bit, but I am hoping a good wash will help a little.  Once you put something on the twins, you don't take it off until bedtime unless you want all hell to break loose.

I really like the shape of the top, it reminds me a lot of the ones I made here and here, I am sure if I used a lighter weight knit it would drape better too.  I think it's pretty cute on her, despite the gaping neckline.


  1. This is really sweet Brittney - I really like the shape of this too. Off to check this out (now I have finally subscribed)

  2. Very pretty. The shorter sleeves look pretty to. Good idea for the summer.

  3. Very cute! I love the shape of the top too.:)