Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beards shirt.

I have been meaning to make this shirt for Ben, actually, but I made it for Jack today. 

My printer was being a whiney brat and didn't like my transfer paper this time (new printer from the last time I have made printed shirts), I think it might have been too hot for the paper because it sort of came off as it printed, so I had to print out three of these to get enough decent graphics to make one (that still isn't perfect).  Sigh.  I miss my old printer.

He refused to look at the camera because "I sorta like this shirt and sorta don't", thanks buddy.  Oh well, I like it.

I used the Flashback skinny tee and actually guessed at the size (5T) as he was in school while I made this, I guessed right though:)  The letters are kind of wonky because I cut them each individually, but that just adds to it's charm, right?

The shorts are Field trips from last year, still his favorite shorts, definitely need to add another pair or two for this summer.


  1. Very cute! The beard trend is huge in Australia too.
    Love me a homemade novelty boy's T-shirt!

  2. I love it! Very cool graphic, Brittney!