Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100 year old.

Today at kindy was "dress like a 100 year old day" for the kids 100th day in school.  In typical me fashion, I forgot about that until yesterday.  Awesome.  I made a run to the store earlier in the day for suspender supplies but didn't get to sewing until after all the kids were in bed, but hey, it was finished! 

I made him the Oliver + S Art Museum trousers size 5, suspenders and used this tutorial for the bow tie.

For the suspenders I read a few tutorials online then just kind of winged it, I did shorten them a bit after this picture but my flipping lens was acting up and only focusing 1 out of 10 times and I couldn't even move it to use manual instead of auto focus.  Sigh.

For the bow tie I used her pattern for the bow but lengthened the tie around his neck as her pattern is for infants/toddler.  I probably could have made the bow bigger too, but he was pretty against ever wearing it again so it will probably be passed to my nephew after this (if his mom wants it, that is).

The pants.  Oh I am so excited I managed to pull the welt pockets off!  Okay, okay, they aren't perfect, but for my first pair of them I am going to say it was a good effort.  Seriously, if you don't have this pattern, you need it just for the welt pocket instructions!! You have done it again, Liesl.

I left the belt loops off due to it being after midnight, but I kind of wish I hadn't.  Oh well, next time.

I used the same fabric from the bow tie for the pocket linings and the waistband linings.  This boy appreciates nice details.  In fact, one time I didn't use a "fun" fabric for the linings and he complained, ha!  I love this kid.

He wasn't thrilled at having his shirt tucked in ("Whhhhyyy?!") and "I feel like I am going to church" was his other comment, but I think he looks pretty cute handsome.


  1. Cutest grumpy 100-year-old man EVER!!! I can't believe you made all that in one night!

  2. He is very handsome! I love his expression in that first picture.;) Way to go mom for putting together an outfit the night before!

  3. amazing!!!!! such a handsome 100 year old man!