Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue + Green.

The fates aligned again today, Ben took the 4 oldest swimming this afternoon and then volunteered to make dinner (husband of the year), and Sam took a decent sized nap.  Decent enough that I was able to finish the outfit I had been slowly working on for the last three days.  Everything takes forever these days, but I'm not complaining.  

I totally love his other bodysuits and wanted a quick and easy project, so I again went with the Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Bodysuit.  Someday I will make the other pieces in the set... This one is a 3 month, he is currently one month old (tomorrow) and weighs 12 pounds and is close to 22", so he needed the length.  All my kids are giants though, so I wasn't surprised he was a tall one.

I tried print mixing with the applique, not quite sure if I dig it, but what's done is done.

Speaking of what's done is done, I totally screwed up on this one...

So I used this ever so soft and lightweight shirting, but the downside (other than it shifting like crazy while sewing) is that I couldn't really differentiate the right side from wrong side.  Well, I got sewing and not thinking and managed to sew the back of the bodysuit on wrong side out, so the pleat shows on the back.  Which would have been fine if I had flattened the pleat in the middle like I was thinking of doing rather than pressing it to one side like instructed.  So it looks a little weird, but there is a dang good chance I will be the only one who notices, oh, and Ben being I told him.  Normally I would have pulled out the seam ripper, but I had already sewn + serged the shoulder seams and completely sewn on the binding before I realized my mistake, so I said screw it.

It is amazing how fast their little faces change.  He is starting to look so different to me, his hair is lightening up and he is starting to get cheeks and thunder thighs.  Also, he is so much more alert and has even smiled a time or two.

But not today, he isn't a fan of the momarazzi.


  1. Awww, I want a cuddle (stamps foot)!

  2. Ack! So do I!
    Brittney, you are a wonder! Love this suit

  3. You are mother of the year!! I've adored every single one of your bodysuits so far and this one is no different! Love it!

  4. I love all the bodysuits you've made Sam! The appliques are adorable and I love your fabric choices.:)