Monday, July 21, 2014

Hide + Seek, 3 ways.

Way back in the first part of June I measured and made Abby a Hide + Seek Tunic.  I wanted to make the dress, but she isn't really in to them right now, and I wanted her to actually wear it, ha!  So I enlisted her help to design it.  She has worn it ever since and so I decided to assembly line two more tops, especially once I realized school starts in less than a month!!  

I have been working on those two for over a week now, you know, something about having a newborn... but it was like the stars aligned today- the three youngest were all napping at the same time, Jack had walked to Grandma's and Abby was reading a book, so of course I had to finish up!   

First up, the original.  This is the size 8, no mods.

I picked out a stack of fabrics and let Abby choose which she liked best, I think she did a great job.  I actually had suggested a pink, but she picked the blue and I think she nailed it. (it is hard to tell, but some of the little specks are the exact blue she picked).

I really enjoyed this pattern, I didn't do any of the bells and whistles (welt pockets) so it was a quick and easy sew.

Girlfriend requested snaps as she hates her hair getting caught in buttons.

This one is a yummy Lisette lawn that I had used the blue colorway last year for me.  I love this stuff.

This one is kind of fun.  Before I started sewing seriously I bought this amazing purple fabric on a super close out, it was just so neat and I thought I would make myself a skirt.  Well, that obviously never happened, and it became a top for a kid instead.  I don't think Abby was born when I bought it, or if she was she was only a year or two old.  Aaah, stash fabrics.  In fact, all of these were stash fabrics. That makes them free, right? ;)

The white with raised dots was bought originally to make her baptism dress, but I ended up using this gorgeous eyelet.

I swear that I used purple thread, not the exact purple as I didn't have any on hand, but it looks like it is glowing here, ha!

She is so cute and told me she likes each of them for different reasons.  The first one is just so pretty, the second is so soft and she loves the texture of the third.

I didn't measure her in between the first of June and the first of July and it turns out she went up a whole size, what?! So she wont get as much wear as I had hoped, but they are a good start to the school wardrobe.


  1. First off, tell Abby with her hair, make-up and earrings she looks like a professional model. The tops are all sweet looking on her and she did a great job selecting fabrics. Oh and for the record, if a stash fabric is past it's due date (what it was intended for initially) it is indeed free. As for the non-matching purple thread - it looks like a decorative embellishment - very nice!
    Great photo shoot, lovely tops and model too!!

    1. Thanks Deb. She actually isn't wearing any make up! She is blushing at your compliments;) Glad someone else feels the same about stash fabrics!

  2. These look so wonderful and quite a perfect fit on her!
    My eyes are set on the pink Lisette lawn version - the color really suits her!
    PS. You're amazing. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sew anything with a newborn and several kids in the house (even during nap times)!

    1. Thanks Ana Sofia, that one is my favorite too. I probably should have napped too, but meh ;)