Sunday, July 20, 2014

For the lake.

I have managed to sneak in an itty bitty amount of sewing time since Sam was born, first up was a new swim suit for Abby.  She and Jack were headed to Lake Powell and I wanted her to have a rash vest for a little more sun protection (Jack has a purchased one).

I wanted to use the Field Trip top, but I didn't have time to make more than one if it came out too big, so I used the Peekaboo Pattern Hang Ten and for the bottoms the Coney Island.  I made the CI last year and she wears that one all.the.time. It is starting to wear out and the bottoms are getting too small.  I made the size 8 for both pieces, I think they fit well, but she says she got a rash the first day from the bottoms being too big and the way they rode up when jumping in.  Who knows, I wasn't there and never saw the rash.

I am also working my way through 2 Hide-and-seek tops (and have been for over a week) that we are both excited about, if we manage to make it out of the three week growth spurt alive...


  1. This is so awesome. Love the fabrics. A looks pretty happy with them!!

  2. I love the combo of the cherry print and polka dot bottoms! Very cute!