Friday, June 14, 2013

A special dress.

So Miss Abigail is turning eight next month, in our church that is a special birthday as it is the age you can choose to be baptized.   She has chosen to, so that meant making a special dress for the occasion.  She went to her friend's baptisms last month and decided she wanted a "big poufy cupcake dress", I am not a fan of the mini wedding dress look, so I talked her in to something more conservative.  At first she didn't like the idea, but I told her to let me make the dress and then she could choose if she liked it or not.  Well, about half way through she declared her love for the dress, so this will be "the one". 
I used the Roller Skate pattern again, and actually made it at the same time as this one, I plan to take her out to a nice location in town for better pictures being it will be her annual photo session (I try to take each kid out around their birthday for nicer than normal pictures), but these will do for now. 
Grandpa happened to have his roadster out on the street so we took advantage:)   It was a little too late tonight so the pictures aren't as sharp and nicely lit as they could have been...

So the dress, it is white eyelet lined with a lightweight white cotton, size 6 with some length, though I wish I had added a little more. 

A better shot of the eyelet, it is really pretty in person.  So she is happy, I am happy- for once in my life I didn't procrastinate until the night before... on this one, at least.  I have two bubble dresses cut for the twins waiting to be sewn for Sunday- I decided to just jump in on our annual family Father's Day dinner and do cupcakes for their birthday that is on Tuesday. 


  1. Its perfect Brittney, not a meringue in site!

  2. It's lovely!
    I also prefer this style for little misses and this is absolutely perfect for the occasion :-)
    (sometimes you just need to talk them into your vision, but it was worthwhile)

  3. So lovely and so perfectly appropriate

  4. Gorgeous! So glad you talked her into something less cupcakey! This is perfectly appropriate and lovely.

  5. So pretty! The dress is lovely.:)