Monday, June 10, 2013

Maxi dress.

I have been a bit quiet around here lately, but there has been sewing going on!  Wanna know a secret?   Rae's wildly popular geranium dress will be here soon in big girl sizes! I made two for Abby last week and just love them!!
Ben told Abby one time that he thought all girls should wear a full length dress to church, and well, that girl never forgets anything you say.  -- which works really well for her schooling, but as far as things we say, sometimes it comes back to bite us:) --   So she has asked me a few times if I would make her a long dress and finally inspiration struck!  The Oliver + S Roller Skate was the perfect dress for my plan! During my spring cleaning I found some bigger cuts that I had *ahem* forgotten about.  This one was two yards, and I picked it up on some super clearance for under $3/yd- not bad for Michael Miller (at least I am pretty sure that is what it was- too lazy to go look at the selvage:)


I was worried about it being too plain, so I added the pink band.  She is so in love with the dress! 

Not too bad on matching the stripes in the back!

I was trying to find my cool wooden button that I had in mind for this dress but couldn't, if I do then I plan to switch it out, but this will work just fine.

I did a 1 1/2" hem thinking I could let it down a little if she grows taller and it still fits around the chest... or just make it in to a shorter dress! 

This pretty little lady has a birthday next month!  So I am working on a birthday dress for her , I am excited about it.  And the twins turn two next week, I better get on their dresses too!


  1. Gorgeous!

    I am thrilled about the pattern being released in a larger size as my eldest wants a washi dress (just like mummy's - bless her) but is out of the size range. Yey!

  2. Britters, she looks amazing!
    Well done you.

    I must check out the Washi dress, EVERYONE is talking about it.

    xx N

    PS Love the new look Blog.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I bought the Washi for me but still haven't tried it... :)

  3. She is such a beauty!

    All little girls should wear a full-length dress to church? Wow, you must go to a very traditional church! ;-) I love this dress, and I am also excited to see the Geranium in larger sizes - it is such a classic style.

    1. Thanks!

      No, not really. He thinks I should wear one too, be modest for church ya know:) Not that I wear anything that isn't!

  4. It's so pretty! I love the pink band at the bottom.:)

  5. Wow this is beautiful! My six year old has been begging me to make her a maxi dress so you have inspired me :) so glad I stumbled across your blog!! Subscribing now :)

  6. Oh a maxi! It's so pretty. I really adore this look.

  7. This looks so elegant. Great job :)

  8. Your maxi dress is adorable! I love the fabric you used, and I loooove the band at the hem. Gorgeous!