Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big girl Geranium.

Does the fabulous Geranium dress need an introduction?  If you don't know what this dress is you just might live under a rock.  The amazing Rae contacted me to see if I was interested in testing the big kid sizes... YES!! Didn't even think twice about that one, after all the tops I have made for her sisters ( two here, one here, two more here ) Abby wanted one very badly, in fact I had even considered sizing it up myself, but waited knowing Rae would be releasing it in bigger sizes sometime.  Well, she got her wish and more because I made her two! 

This is size 7, tunic length. View A bodice minus sleeves and View B skirt.  The top is more fitted in the big kid sizes and I love it.  It looks more grown up, age appropriate. 

I had these two fabrics left over from way back when I made 4 skirts for a low key wedding reception... that apparently I never took a photo of.  So I knew I liked the two fabrics together and I had just enough of each fabric to put them together here.

This is View B size 7, no mods.  Abby chose the fabric, I think she made a great choice.  I have actually used this fabric for the twins ( here and here ), in fact used every scrap on those projects, but one time Abby went to the shop with me she saw it on the discount table and declared her love for it!  I bought a couple yards and waited until she needed another dress, and until the perfect pattern came along:)  So when I told her I was going to make her a dress she reminded me about this print.

 I thought the piping would help break the busy print up a little, and have been waiting to try out my new turquoise snaps!  I bought a load of different colors from Snap source on a recommendation from a few friends and have been going snap crazy lately!  It is so much faster than buttons, and she had requested snaps this time. 
So all this teasing and the pattern isn't out quite yet, but never fear my friends, I shall update with a link when this fabulous pattern is available! 


  1. It's adorable!! Bigger sizes, yay!

  2. yay! I found your blog through made-by-rae flickr pool and I am so happy to see that big girl sizes are in the works! I will DEFINITELY be buying a pattern once it's released!

  3. I had already wondered if you had size this up for Abby (based on your flickr pics). I've been waiting for the larger sizes as well (my girl is not there yet, but I like to plan ahead lol)

  4. It looks great!! I love the piping on the dress. I might just have to totally copy that ... don't mind if I do! ;-)

  5. You know I love both versions that you made!