Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday bubbles.

The twins turn two on Tuesday, but I decided to take the easy way out and just do cupcakes for them during our Father's Day dinner tonight.  I also decided that yes, I will make them new dresses for the occasion. 
I actually bought this pattern to make them dresses for Easter, but didn't end up having time then.  I bought the bubble dress almost immediately after seeing Tilly's by Nicole, gorgeous! I also followed her tutorial:)

Can I tell you how hard it is to take two nearly two year old's photos?? Very.   Both the dresses are 18 month.

I had nearly given up on the session when Izzy suddenly stopped and I snapped really quickly and ended up with a pretty cute one of her (this was literally the last photo I took).

Most of them were like this... Especially when I tried to get both of them together. 

 Though, this one was kinda cute, even if George is a little out of focus.

It is amazing the dresses were clean for the shoot, considering we had some cupcakes a few hours earlier- and they had worn them all day.  BTW, those cupcakes were yummy!

They had fun blowing out the candles, and Grandma was more than happy to re light them:)


  1. Little darlings!

    How big they are getting. Beautiful dresses Brittney.
    xx N

  2. Happy birthdays!
    And those dresses are adorable.

  3. They (the girls) are so stinking cute! Love the dresses too!

  4. Happy birthday Izzie and George! These dresses are so pretty! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgoes birthday parties sometimes. :-)

  5. Happy birthday, sweeties! I still can't believe it´s been two years already - look how big they are :-)
    Love love the dresses!

  6. Happy Birthday, sweet girls! Their dresses are beautiful, Brittney!