Monday, October 27, 2014

Book inspired.

This season's Kid's Clothes Week theme was Storybook, I hadn't planned to sew anything based on the theme, but then Ben put a riddle on the fridge for Abby and I to try and solve.  Hate to say it, but I had no idea, ha!  But when he told us what it was he also mentioned I should put it on a shirt, so I did!

I used the Oliver + S School bus tee, a straight size 6.  He was at school so I couldn't measure the length of the longs sleeves, though I don't think I would have because his height was on the low end of the chart for a 6, but apparently he must have really long arms.  The sleeves ended up about 3 inches too short, so I showed him how to push them up to make it look like it was maybe meant to be that way.

He is wearing his Art Museum Trousers from February.  These are probably his most worn pair of pants- ever.  They are still just long enough, but he was playing with a friend the other day and got a small hole in them under the knee, in a spot that can't be fixed.  But, being he has had a solid 9 months of wear from them I can't really complain, I only wish I could remember where I bought the fabric to get some more because it is oh so soft and has held up really well.

So, have you figured out the riddle?  One fifth, two fifth, red fifth blue fifth.  Jack was pretty excited to see it when he got home today, he wanted to read the book but we have managed to misplace it (not a big surprise),  Abby was pretty jealous.


  1. Fantastic! And so perfect for the KCW theme.

  2. Very clever! I didn't get it even though I can recite that book by heart. Love a very cool, nerdy maths/book reference on a t shirt.

  3. Love the riddle. Clever t-shirt.

  4. He is a very clever boy! The shirt is awesome!

  5. I didn't get it at first...until I read what it says out loud. Then I had to laugh! Excellent riddle and fantastic shirt!

  6. I had to use a book title as a clue!