Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trousers for the little man.

Little man is in desperate need of some pants, especially something church appropriate.   When he was littler we took him in just a onesie or a romper, but now that he is a little bigger and it is getting colder I figured it was as good a time as any to make him a proper pair. 

Ah, aren't they (and he) just so cute?   This is the Oliver and S Art Museum Trousers size 6 month.  They fit well around him but are pretty long, like roll up 3 times long.  I am considering shortening them just a bit because I wonder if he will size out in width before length, but I will probably be lazy and just roll them lots, haha.  

He is also wearing his almost outgrown modified Layette top.

I had made the pattern once before and struggled with the welt pockets, I was determined to do them right this go 'round, I think the first time it was a combination of me being in a hurry, past midnight and a too heavyish material.

I also decided to bind the waistband lining this time, I love the look, but am cringing at my crooked tag, oops!  I didn't notice until there was lots of unpicking if I decided to fix it so I left it.  Also, I did one of the pockets wrong on the inside.  Meh, it looks great on the outside.

I also did the  belt loops this time.  Kid's never gonna wear a belt (or use pockets) but it completes the look.

Gah, baby toes get me every time.

Seriously, I felt like a rockstar this time when I completed the pockets.  Liesl's instructions are just amazeballs, you should get the pattern just for them.

The fabric is awesome too.  It's Robert Kaufman Chambray Union in Indigo Herringbone, it's buttery soft but still feels like it will hold up for pants, well at least for Sam, not sure about for Jack.   Though, he does want a pair of them now too, he has worn the first pair at least twice a week (more if they're clean).  Sadly they got a hole in the knee, it's small enough that he still wears them, but it's getting bigger.  But I am not too sad, 9 month of wear at two to three times a week isn't too bad at all!

I am debating on an Art Museum Vest too, but do I do the same material?  If not, then what?  I am so not fashion smart.  


  1. You are a Rockstar Baby!
    I love these.

  2. My goodness he is a gorgeous looking child! Such a cute outfit Brit.

  3. Gah...the details! Those are the sweetest pair of baby boy pants. Perfect for church!

  4. Oh, so so cute! And you are a rock star! xo