Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A pair of Carousel Dresses.

Have y'all seen the new Oliver and S fall patterns?  I was sort of on the fence about them, I mean I knew I would buy them eventually, but then I saw this dress and was completely sold, and had to rip it off compliment it.  

This is the Carousel Dress, I measured the girls and they both fit in to the size 3T in chest and length, I normally have to lengthen for them.

I had planned to use Elizabeth's for family pictures later this month, but it kind of doesn't photograph very well.  I likely will still use it because I am sort of pressed for time.

I really enjoyed this dress, it was quite quick and a very easy sew.  I thought the pockets were really neat, they are slightly bigger than the side panels so that the stand out a bit.

Not that you can really tell, but I cut the pockets on the bias to give it a little interest and break up the stripes a bit.

Then there is Ms. George, she absolutely loves purple.  I saw this pin and loved it, but still wanted to keep the pockets as they are both obsessed with pockets lately.  I am a little worried it is a little too loud, or too many colors, but she just loves this dress so much and kept asking when I would be done.

I call that a pretty satisfying sew, when they are antsy for you to finish then you know they like it.

I really love how the back is with the sleeve bands and hem, that would even be a fun color block idea, front, pockets, sleeves, neckband one color then sleeve bands and hem another.

All in all, I really liked this pattern.  My only struggle was with the back facing, it is rounded and I couldn't get it to iron evenly to topstitch, luckily it is on the inside so I am the only one who knows (well, and now all of you).


  1. I WANT that purple dress but they are both so cute!

  2. Oh, these are both adorable!!! I ordered this pattern, and can't wait for it to arrive. I want to do a ruffly bottom one for Maggie! Love the striped one - you're right, it's a bit subtle for photographs, but I rather like that about it!

  3. They're darling and the dresses are gorgeous too. Wish Missy would wear dresses, you've sold me on the Carousel.

  4. I'm honored that you liked my dress...and the purple one is so cute. I agree- it was hard to photograph, but your photos came out nice.

  5. Your photography makes these dresses SHINE!
    They are both gorgeous!