Monday, May 23, 2016

KCW day one.

I have been sewing quite a bit of knits lately (documented on Instagram since I am horrible at blogging lately), I was dying for a nice woven sew.

I this gorgeous Art Gallery I found in a local shop.  I have long loved this one and was so excited to see it in person.

I made an Oliver and S Playtime dress in a size 5 with some mods.  I left off the sleeves and lined the bodice, I love this one as a summer dress.  Even though I am still sewing the girls a size 4 in most things, I find this one can be a little tight to get on and off at this point.  Elizabeth is on the verge of a 5, and I figured a little big is never a bad thing with the rate kids grow.

I have managed to misplace my buttonhole foot, so snaps it was.  Turns out it was practically fate, I had the almost exact green snaps in my stash.

She loves it and I know it will get a ton of wear this summer.


  1. I love this one, it is a beautiful print and the snaps are perfect. Makes me want a straw hat too, love her cheesy grin ;o)

  2. It's really pretty - that fabric, love!

  3. Love this as a summer dress!!! Ack! Must copy!!