Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ribbon tied blouse.

I flipped through my Happy Homemade determined to make something, I made the square neck blouse a few years ago and then set the book aside.  It was time to take a look again.  

I picked the Ribbon Tied Blouse, view C.  I made a size 4-6 in a light and airy Art Gallery print.  I love the feel of these fabrics, and they are a lot lighter than regular quilting cottons, so they are nice to use for garments.  Well, at least for kids.

The front has quite a bit of gathering, but the back is just barely gathered.  The sleeves are also slightly gathered, giving them a cute little puffy shape.

 I love the silhouette of the blouse.  Iz was very excited to see it and wear it right away.

I also paired it with some well loved Oliver and S Puppet Show Shorts.  I will be so sad when they size out of this pattern.


  1. Such a pretty and simple summer play outfit! Puppet show shorts are on my list for this summer for Maggie for sure!