Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First day.

I realized today the big kids start school tomorrow, Abby has her outfit chosen, but Jack didn't.  I haven't made him anything for a while because he still fits most of his handmades, but I figured the first day of school deserved something new.

I pulled out a couple twill colors and paired them with a couple of knit cuts and let him choose, he picked well.

The shirt is the Oliver and S School Bus T-shirt, my go-to, in a size 8 with a little bit of length added.

The pants are the After-school pants, also a size 8, but I added 2" to the length.  He is only 1/2" shy of the top height in the 8 and I want them to last a while.

I really love these pants, and so does he.


  1. Great looking outfit - he did choose well! I love the little tag you added to the pockets.

  2. Awww cute!!! I remember when he was just a little guy!! :)

  3. Those pants are so good. I agree, the little tag really takes it up a notch! They are so profesh and I really love the way this pattern fits! I must make it for Joe one day (but probably with a stretchy knit waist, sigh). And the t-shirt is completely fab of course. He looks too cool for school! Ba dum bum. LOL.