Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have a million projects running through my mind and I don't have the time to fit them all in, so I am jumping around between a few currently.  Not a good thing, because that leaves the potential of something being left in the WIP so long that it is outgrown before it is made.  Sigh.  

But first, a project that had to be finished by today (and I got done just in time).  My nieces joint birthday party is this evening and they are both obsessed with Frozen (but what under 10 year old girl isn't?).  I was brainstorming ideas when it came to me, capes.  Not only do they love Frozen, but they also love dressing up. 

One likes Elsa and one likes Anna, so I made one of each.  Elsa's was super easy, a yard of glittery tulle, some ribbon and gathering, no hemming required.

For Anna's I used the Oliver + S School Bus Tee.  I used some interlock from Joann, some black bobbles and a heart clasp. 

The girls super love them, but understand that they are going to A + C (or at least I hope they understand, ha!).  I showed them the fabric I have for theirs and that helped a little, though they keep asking if theirs are done yet.  I am making them slightly different too, ie Elsa in a different fabric and Anna with a different clasp so that just in case all four girls wear theirs at the same time we can tell them apart.

Hopefully cousins like them, if not I know two little girls who will take them off their hands...

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  1. The capes are so cute! I hope the birthday girls love them.:)