Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Getaway tunic.

I have been sewing for me a little bit lately, though this is the first I have blogged.  I started wearing my blue Weekend Getaway again, and while it is a little tighter than when I made it (thanks Sam) I decided to make the same size as I have finally started to loose some of this post baby weight.   I decided to make it in a tunic length, I bought my first pair of leggings ever so I wanted something to go with it, though I think I will need to loose a bit more before I dare wear them out of the house, haha! 

I used this lightweight shirting I picked up forever ago, I think it was meant to make Ben a Negroni, but I never dared (though it is on the list now).  Adult clothes take up so much material so I was intimidated.

I made the size 14 with a FBA for my giant nursing boobs (well, giant to me).  The blue dot one doesn't have a FBA so it is a little tight in that area.

I added black to the sleeves to tie in the facing and cut the sleeve on the bias because I was sick of trying to match the plaids.  It would have been a quick sew if I didn't have to do that, but I can't stand when stripes/plaids don't match.

I was also a little intimidated by the FBA the first two times I made this so I skipped it, but oh my gosh!  Liesl's method and instructions are soooo easy.  Seriously, don't skip it if you need it!

I am still not so sure I like the whole showing my face and trying to use my remote (getting myself in frame can be tricky!), but I have a whole list of things to make for me so I better get used to it;)


  1. You look great! This top is very flattering on you. I feel ya, I held onto extra weight after Maggie for a long time. I finally started to lose it after she was one and it required (horror!) actual exercise. But you look fantastic and here's to making clothes that fit and look good now!

    1. Thanks Inder! It is so frustrating, with the twins it pretty much melted off but with Sam I had been exercising and not loosing or even going up so I quit and finally started going down again, ha! So I am totes cool with not walking 3-4 miles every day like I was;)

  2. This is really stylish on you, and you are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful beautiful colour on you.
    After seeing what you and Justine have done I must try the FBA for this one.

  4. The top looks fabulous on you!

  5. This blouse looks really great on you! I do love the neckline :)