Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepping for fall.

The fall always sneaks up on me.  One day we are wearing shorts and tanks and the next we need pants and cardigans.  I am *trying* to be more on top of it this year though, of course, with a two month old I can't completely keep up with the wardrobes, but I can try.

So up first is a set for the twins.  Or a twin.  I fell in love with the tiger print and just had to have it and create a whole outfit inspired by it.  Patricia suggested a khaki bottom like the awesome shorts Peta had just made, and as luck would have it I had just uncovered one in my stash.

I made the outfit for Elizabeth's size in, she is a bit bigger around and a little taller, but Georgia threw a tantrum when I suggested Iz put it on for pictures... so she put it on and had her picture taken first.

The tunic is the Oliver + S Roller Skate tunic, size 3T with added length and a slightly lower elastic casing.  This happens to be my fourteenth Roller Skate, so I didn't even pull the instructions out.  Ha! It is in the running for my most used pattern ever.

See?  Still a little big (I want it to fit for most of the winter, hopefully) but a better fit.

For the cardigan I used some interlock from Joann, not the best stuff, but I was experimenting and didn't want to use my good stuff just yet.

I used the Oliver + S School Bus Tee and modified it.  I made a size 4 as I wanted the oversized look, but since I added a cuff to the sleeve hem I probably should have shortened them, but I guess I did say I wanted long wear.

I pretty much love it and will be making more.

The pants, oh the pants.  I bought the pattern so long ago after Katy made a pair for one of her girls and am just now getting to it.  They are the Heidi + Finn Pleat-bottom pants.  I love the look of their patterns, but they don't include a size chart and that irritates me.  I never know what size to pick so I usually stay away from theirs, but since I owned this one already I figured I would make a bigger size than I thought I would need.  I made the 4t as reviews said they were a little short in length and rise.  These are just about right, a little long, but if I had made a 3t they would be too short.

They are super easy to make, though, if you can figure out a size.

I still have a half yard left of the tigers, which is good because I can foresee many fights over this top.


  1. Oh wow, those pants are fantastic! Why have I never heard of this patterns! Must. Buy. Now.

    I love the whole outfit and it is perfect for fall. My, they are growing up into young ladies!