Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A bubble dress.

I have a plan for Easter sewing, a dress for each of the girls and a button down and pants for the boys.  It is an ambitious goal considering I am only just now starting, but as with years past I am not going to kill myself trying or be disappointed if I can't get it all done.  

I started with this yard of fabric, my whole plan revolves around it.  I picked the other two girls dress fabrics based on the colors in this dress.

I was going to wait on photographing the outfits until I had them all finished and could do them together, but I found this incredible spot this afternoon on a walking trail.  It happened to be one of the few spots accessible from the street (it is off a twisty narrow road), and pretty much the only spot that you can't see houses in the distance or power lines.

I can't believe it's been two years since I last made this pattern, the girls wore those to death, until they became indecently short.  So, I figured to knock out two birds with one stone, Easter sewing and the size 5 project.  This is, of course, the Oliver + S Bubble Dress in a size 4.  It is a really quick sew, and able to be made out of just one yard, well, one yard for the main and one for lining.

Georgie was so excited while I was sewing this dress, 'It's just for me?!' 'Do I have to share?' and Iz was so confused, 'but why is there only one?'.  Haha, I usually assembly line two for them, but I figure it probably isn't a great idea this time as their closets are quite full already and I want to make other patterns in the stash...

So, I plan to make Izzy a Fairy Tale, Jack and Sam a Sketchbook and Art Museum, aaaand Abby is my only question mark.  I am thinking a Garden Party, but we will see how she feels.


  1. I just love this. I should make another one of these too ...

  2. Gorgeous fabric!! I've never tried this pattern, but dang it is cute! I wonder if I could bubble-ify the Geranium? Trying to save money!

  3. Love your plans! And this dress is perfect for her, she looks so happy in it.

  4. Darling dress! That's the perfect fabric for it.