Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mini Hudson for school.

 This week is book week at school, in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday.  In years past they have dressed up as a book character, but not this time.  This time it's things like wear a hat (two days, come on guys, be more creative), build a snowman treat in class, wear winter clothes (which is humorous being two weeks ago we were in the high 70's but we seem to have been hit by some cold weather which put us in the low 50's- still not winter), aaaand wear your jogging/exercising clothes.

Since other mini hudsons were calf length I threw her together a new pair on short notice (yesterday after school) so she could participate.  That, and I am not one to take all the kids to the store in a rainstorm.

I had this print in mind for some mini hudsons for a bit, though I was thinking calf length.  I like these, though, and so does she.  Again I made a size 10, but I added 1.5" to the length, I could have added more to make them last, apparently.  Good thing I added something!

I am sad they only go to a 10 because we will have to find another pattern to fill the void before she fits the women's sizes.

Ben says they are... very flamboyant.

That's okay, I kind of love them.  And better on her than me. I had planned to make them for the twins, but I think Abs will get more wear out of them, she loves these kind of pants and the fact they are 'trendy' now and she can get away with wearing them to school- even better in her eyes!

Side view for personal fit reference.

Same for the back.

Jack was super excited to wear his too.

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  1. Another pattern I have yet to make! I love these!
    Have you got the Ottobre Spring 1/2013 issue? (It has a chefs outfit on the front). Pattern 37. is a pair of pants very similar to the Hudsons and they go up to 170cm height which is a little larger than the Hudsons 145cm max. It might bridge the gap a bit for Abbey. I know that fabricate on flickr has made them up and they are somewhere in her photostream.