Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mini Hudsons.

It has been a while since I have sewn for the big girl, she has too many opinions to keep up with now and since she is at school it makes it so that I would have to remember to consult with her in advance before I start a project.  That's not really how I roll, once inspiration strikes I am all in and I don't want to wait for anything.  

She will be needing shorts soon, the kids usually start wearing them end of February, beginning of March, so I actually have run a few things by her already.  One being the Mini Hudson pants.  I bought them the day they came out, I may have stalked her site waiting for them... I immediately traced off the three sizes I needed and wished they came in Sam size.  Jack has a pair that hasn't been blogged that he wears constantly, though only around the house as he and Ben deemed them pajama pants or house pants.  

So last night twenty minutes before her bedtime, bored out of my mind from watching gun programs on youtube with Ben, inspiration struck.  Girlfriend would have a pair of minis by the morning.  

I used this sweatshirt knit, which probably defeated the purpose of making them for warm weather, but she loves the fabric and has wanted something from it for a long, long time.  Yay for stash busting! 

She wanted the light pink for the waistband and calf bands too, but I didn't have enough, so she settled with just at the pockets.  

I made a size ten, which is the biggest size, I wish it went bigger and filled the gap between the mini and adult because I can see her wanting a bunch more of these.  In fact, she was SO excited when I showed her this morning and allowed her to wear them to school.  She has tried to wear pj pants or sweat pants before and I vetoed it, only allowing leggings or jeans.  But then I insisted on pictures just in case she horribly destroys them at recess or something, haha, and the sun was right in her eyes (sorry Abby!).  

The material has only 5% stretch, which worried me when the pattern called for 40%-75%, but we were willing to take the risk.  These are a super quick sew, less than an hour.  I did skip the drawstring because my machine hates buttonholes on knit, but that didn't affect the fit as it is more decorative than anything.

I am tempted to make her another pair while she is at school, but I don't think I am feeling that risky, heehee.


  1. These are fab B - love them this length.
    I finally printed this pattern out last week - think that Lucy will love these.
    But, sigh, why do our kids have to have their own opinions? If only they could recognise that we know best!

  2. Cute! And I'm so jealous that it's warm enough to wear these where you live. It's freezing here!!