Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hide + Seek.

 I knocked out a top today, only because it was already partly sewn from when I made the last Hide + Seek.

This is a Hide + Seek size 4, it is a little big for George for now, but it fits Iz perfectly.   I literally used every last bit of this gray dot, I was surprised I was able to eek it out.  I would have liked to do the back yoke in the gray, but it just wasn't gonna happen, I love Katy's with the solid back yoke, I will be trying that someday.

I laughed as I was looking up the pattern to link to and realized I must have subconsciously taken inspiration from the adorable little girl in the tunic, the top knot and light blue leggings.  I have looked at that picture a million times and loved it, I guess it was burned in to my brain, haha.

I used snaps this time around, because I am lazy, and I love snaps and I am lazy.  I need to figure out how to do buttonholes on my new machine because the lady showed me in the store and it is amazeballs, the machine does it for you!  Maybe I can stop avoiding them now.

In a moment of craziness last night I cut 5 pairs of Puppet Show Shorts instead of just the one I needed for the Size 5 Project, so unless until I get distracted by something else shiny that I must make now, those are at the top of my list.


  1. I think the buttons are still a PAIN! and they have to be lined up SO perfectly or it looks a bit off and drives me nuts. If I can get away w/ velcro I do. I like your snaps though - maybe I should learn how to do that... Hmmm....!

  2. It's a sweet top! Love the snaps...I fear those more than buttonholes.lol