Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Print mixing.

I am slowly working on my UFO pile (unfinished objects), this one hasn't been cut out too long, but I am also plugging away at another top and dress from the same pattern.  Hopefully they will be finished soon, but I wanted to finish one quickly because I found this really neat spot while taking pictures for a family friend on Sunday.  

Though, I probably should have made something for Abby if I wanted a cooperative model.  Iz spent the majority of her time running around in circles and jumping from a squatting position.  Nice.

This is the Oliver and S Hide + Seek Dress and I was completely inspired by this dress, isn't it gorgeous?  I made the size 4 even though they both measured in to the size 3, this way it will last longer (hopefully).

I made the dress view (obviously) with the short sleeve option, but I added the band from the 3/4 sleeve.  I thought this would be a nice transition piece as it gets warmer, not like the flannel one I have had cut for the last month, ha!

I am not sure I love the buttons, but I will probably be too lazy to ever change them.

The floral is a soft and airy Lisette print I recently found at Jo-ann in the red tag section, I have never seen it at my store before, but it said it was a 2013 print.  Maybe they were hiding it in the back? (kidding... I think).  I bought up the rest of it, like 3 or 4 yards, I think, I couldn't pass up $3/yd for this.

I really love this dress on her and I am thinking I could make a closet full of them, which is good being I have two more to finish now.


  1. I like the buttons! and the added sleeve band ;o)

  2. Great colours and an awesome photo shoot.

  3. Good for you knocking out those UFOs! The dress is gorgeous and that backdrop...breathtaking!