Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lullaby pants.

Sammy recently, and suddenly, outgrew all of his 6 month pants, so I stopped at a few stores in town to pick up a few pairs of the next size.  Much to my surprise, there were absolutely zero pairs of 12 month pants!  In fact, they were putting out the shorts and swimsuits.  I know it is a really mild winter, but come on!  So I started on Sam's mid season wardrobe as he will be needing tops also.

These were completely inspired by skirtastop's pair.  I love the look of jeans on a baby, but they can be very uncomfortable with a big tummy.

They are the Lullaby Layette Pants in a nice, soft denim.  In fact, I wish I could remember where I bought it from because it is glorious and a dream to work with.

I made the size 12 month, as my giant 6 month old measured in to that size in height and weight.  I shortened the elastic an inch shorter than the suggested length in the instructions based on my first pair (later in the post) were a little big.

I used two spools of thread through one needle to make the topstitching pop a bit more, and I topstitched each seam, the inseam is also but you'll just have to trust me on that.

These were my first pair.  They are made from a flannel herringbone, nice and warm.

He could still use a couple pairs of pants, and definitely more tops, so I know what I will be doing this week- ha!

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