Saturday, January 3, 2015

Doll sewing.

 A while back Abby was invited to two birthday parties for little friends in the neighborhood, both who I know love their 18" dolls, so I sewed them each a few outfits for their dolls.

I made the first friend doll clothes for her last birthday too, and Abby told me how much she just loved them and that she rarely saw her doll without one of the outfits on, so I knew it would be a good choice.

I used the book Sew Trendy that I picked up recently from Jo-anns, with coupon stacking I got it for under $7.  It had a lot of basics that I figured would be good building blocks if I ever get brave enough (or crazy enough) to start matching the girls Oliver + S outfits like they have been begging me to try.

I made these as I was making Georgie's Carousel Dress so the purple was an easy decision.  The bottom was a heavier denim that was a PITA to gather.

I didn't like the way most of the items were put together, so I used my own construction methods, ie, easier ways I have learned in my few years of sewing experience.  The instructions weren't bad, I just knew there were easier ways to do it.

Then the following week we got an invitation for another friend, being I had the patterns already traced I just made up the same patterns again... the day of the party, because I am a procrastinator like that.

I started a top for Abby in the pants material, I really should finish it...

I bought these fabrics before I even started sewing, ha!  When Abby was a baby I thought I'd learn to make her a blanket, that never happened, so I had some fat quarters that have been hanging around for forever and ever.

On both of the dresses I used snaps, I was out of velcro and made both the prezzies at the last minute.

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  1. These are crazy cute Brit. Missy would love some for her doll, I should get off my lazy butt.