Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Buns Britches.

A little bit ago I tested the Happy Buns Britches.   It was funny, because I had within a few days prior been looking for a pattern for something like them. 

I tested the size 6 month, and this one was actually my third pair.  I couldn't resist giving him a fox bum, which is why I was trying to find a pattern like this in the first place.

I love the way they fit, they are super comfy and have a yoga waistband so nothing digging in to his glorious rolly polly tummy.

I also made him a matching Lap Tee, size 9 months, but it looks a little like a bad tracksuit together for me.  He only wore it together once for the finished pictures.  But he has worn each one separately quite a bit.

These were my second ones, both the brown and gray are a ponte knit, not a ton of stretch, but a little heavier weight which is nice for the cooler weather.  The bum panel came from a long hoarded small amount of yardage left from a shirt I made for Jack waaay back when I started sewing- look at how little he was!! I still have enough left over to make Sammy a shirt this summer.

I love my little chunky monkey.

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  1. Oh how gorgeous! I might have to sneak some of these to the top of the queue before Mr Nearly 1 stops crawling!