Saturday, January 3, 2015

Art Museums to match.

As soon as Jack saw pieces of this fabric cut and laying on the ironing board, he declared them his.  He was disappointed to find out they were actually for Sam.  But I told him, never fear, I bought enough yardage to make him a pair too, and so I did. 

He was quite annoyed to have to tuck in his shirt, ha!  I told him this is how he should wear it to church, but he declared that uncomfortable and to hurry up with the pictures so he could untuck again.

I made him a size 7... I think... I need to go check the size tag.  Maybe it was a 6 with 7 length.  He loves them and is sad I will only let him wear them to church. "But they're so soooooft!" I know buddy, but I really don't want them ripping, and you play hard.

The fabric looks odd in this photo for some reason, but welt pockets.  It is really amazing stuff, though.  It's the RK Chambray union in indigo herringbone, I could live in this fabric, yummy.

See?  As soon as we were finished he rushed in to untuck and make his lunch.  So this is how they are actually worn.

And one with Sam.  Matching little brothers.  I hate to match the twins, but for some reason find this utterly adorable to have the boys in the same pants.  Sam's are getting a bit too tight now, time to make the next size.


  1. Those welt pockets are perfect, Brittney!

  2. These are perfect! And he obviously loves them! (Oh, to be able to make pants for my son that he would actually like?! It's never gonna happen! Cry.) And matching brothers? SO CUTE! It's different to have big and little match than twins matching, I think, and even cuter in my opinion.