Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Moose shirt.

Way back (haha) when Sam was just about 2 months old I made him these awesome moose pants.  They didn't get worn for long because there just wasn't much stretch in the material and they were kind of a pain to put on him, also that pattern didn't have any measurements to go by, so I was just guessing as to what size I needed to make.  Being itty bitty baby pants take so little material, I had enough left for something else.

So I chose to make the Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Bodysuit, size 12 months.  The material is from girlcharlee, though now it looks like it is gone so I couldn't see the stretch percentage, but trust me- it wasn't a lot.  I used a woven cotton for the placket and neckband.  I really like the way this feels in a knit, plus there is always the benefit of not having to iron it, ha!

I had his awesome new jeans in mind as I made this outfit.  It wasn't crazy to change his clothes halfway through the day because I was so excited to see it on, was it?

Like I said with the pants, he is on the very low end of the 12 month size chart, so I knew it would be a bit big.  As he is laying on the floor the neckline rides up a bit, but it doesn't seem to bug him.  And he is rolling all around the room most times of the day, so I don't can't keep pulling it down.

Aaah! So adorable with the pants.

Oh how I love this little boy with his bright, inquisitive eyes.


  1. He is beautiful, bonnie and blithe.
    Great job Britters.

  2. He is so adorable, Brittney! I love his moose shirt...very cute!