Saturday, January 3, 2015

Skinny jeans again.

I have made the Small Fry Skinny Jeans twice now, but both times were for Sam.  I was working my way through a stack of them little by little, knowing in my head I shouldn't have cut 5 out at one time, but listening to my heart instead because, well, skinny jean rainbow.  Sam has now outgrown his orange pair and will be passed to his soon-to-be born cousin, Jack's electric blue pair didn't fit right at all, and Abby's are still only about half way done.  I really need to work on my only cutting one thing at a time, my UFO pile is becoming crazy.

I made the girls a size 3, they fit George (left) better than Iz (right), but aren't quite perfect on either of them.  They pull across the pockets for Iz and pull down their undies and show their cracks on both of the girls, maybe I need to cinch up my elastic?   I chose not to use adjustable because, 1. I couldn't find it in my mess of supplies, 2. I hate the stuff.

P.S. The girls still wear their Tiger Roller Skate almost as soon as it comes out of the wash.

They both get this weird popping on the fly too.

That really hasn't stopped either of them, though, they love the pants and wear them often, even if they get sick of me telling them to pull up their undies + pants.

The purple is a bottomweight from Jo-Anns, the pink polka dot was a twill (maybe a home dec?) from

Instead of using topstitching thread this time, I used my stretch stitch to give it a more defined look.  Though, I think next time I will just use the two threads through one needle method, the stretch stitch was a little difficult to keep precisely straight and it was driving me crazy.


  1. STOP!!! When did these girls grow up?!??!? Looking so old in their new skinny jeans...

  2. ^ Seriously! There is something about jeans that makes them look like teenagers all of a sudden! EEEK! These are perfect, though, and their skinny little non-derrieres with their baggy bottoms crack me up! Pull up your undies honey!