Monday, February 2, 2015

Simple skirts.

 It's Kid's Clothes Week, and even though I have something else I really should have been working on, I had to get these out of my head.

I stopped by the fabric shop last week for my birthday, a place I really should be avoiding being I could basically be a small fabric shop on my own already, but you only turn 30 once.  I treated myself to two half yards of fabric and that pink trim, no regrets.

Right away each girl laid claim to one of the cuts, luckily they each chose a different one!

Izzy has been wearing it like this all day, or even more tucked in at times, so that she can see the pockets.

Her favorite colors are yellow and gray, so I thought it would be fun to make sure 'her' skirt would have yellow pockets.  I say 'her' because they agreed to share, but if it is like the rest of their clothes, they refuse to let the other wear things they declare their own.

They have lately been obsessed with pockets, Abby and Jack never really cared much whether their clothes had them, but the girls tend to pick things in their closets with them if available, the bigger the better.  In fact, their Carousel Dresses are worn at least twice a week, more if they make it through the laundry fast enough.

I am hoping this trim washes well, their very well loved Roller Skate dress had pom-poms on it and one by one the little balls fell off and became very faded.  Didn't stop them from wearing it to rags, though.

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  1. These are both very cute - great fabric and pockets! I do so love a quick and easy skirt :-)