Friday, February 6, 2015

A trio of Field Trip Raglans.

The boys need new shirts, so I pulled out my trusty Field Trip Raglan.

I made Jack a size 7 knowing it was a size bigger than he needed.  He finally is unable to wear his size 4 FTs because he is too tall, most of them he has been wearing for over a year, some for a year and a half.

So first up is an Aquabats tee.  Ben had an Aquabats cd in High School and he got a new copy of it for his birthday in December, he suggested I make Jack a tee with their logo on it and Jack was very much on board.

I finally got a shot of his Mini Hudsons I made in December.  He LOVES them, he wears them quite often, though never out of the house.  He thinks they are pj pants so I told him it's cool if he wants to change in to them any time after school and he does- a lot.  At first he didn't like the ankle cuffs because they were 'too tight', I think it was just because he had never had a pair of pants like that before and he doesn't complain anymore.

These are a size 6 with 7 length.

For Sam I made a size 12 month and appliqued on a little Yoda, just like the one I made for Jack a few years ago, funny his was made during KCW too.  Jack only just stopped wearing his, mostly because I put it in the too small pile.  He wants another one, too.

He is also wearing his Lullaby jeans.

For this one I appliqued an octopus from here that came with this pattern I made a while back.

I added bands to the sleeves for something different and I quite like it, I love patterns that have so many ways to customize them.  


  1. Love all the tees, and love Jack's mini Hudson's - my boys both like pants with 'tight' bottoms - I should make them a pair or two for winter :-)

  2. These are awesome. I think a pirate octopus might have to come live in our wardrobe too!

  3. What great shirts! I really love that ways that you personalized them!

  4. Love them all, but I have a special soft spot for Yoda!

  5. Gorgeous boys, you certainly put the 'boys sewing in no fun' rules to bed.

  6. OMG, Sam!!! His chubby cheeks! And little Yoda! I just want to squish the perfect baby chubberness.

    These are all excellent. The binding on the sleeves looks so good! I love this pattern - it's so versatile.