Thursday, April 9, 2015

A pair of Popovers.

So, Easter outfits didn't get finished, but I am okay with it.  I completed George's dress, two pairs of Art Museum trousers (one for each boy), and nearly finished a Fairy Tale for Iz (still needs the sash and hand sewing).  I am easily distracted, though, and needed a quick and mindless project after having sick kids and deep cleaning a bunch of rooms in the house.  So when Rachel posted today about sewing for dolls I decided the girls needed popovers and matching doll dresses.  

The whole time I was making them, they were asking 'awe my dwesses finished yeeeeet mooooom?'  So I decided to give them the dresses before I made the doll ones, or before I told them about the doll dresses, just in case I don't get to them for a while.  

They pretty much love the dresses, George decided she *had* to have the bug one, and set about convincing Elizabeth she should like the striped one.  (It's hard to tell here, but there are diagonal stripes in peach and cream).

They loved the dresses, but not so much taking the pictures. 

It was a struggle to get them both to look at the camera.  

Let alone stand up straight at the same time.

Then Elizabeth decided we should recreate the pose from this post, it's the background on my phone and she loves looking at it.

So then Georgia reminded her that it was her head on Izzy's shoulder, to which Iz refused because it was 'her turn'.

This one cracks me up.  Side eyes.

So Iz decided to help Georgia look, but of course couldn't be bothered to look herself.

In the end, I settled for a semi blurry one.  Plus, it was time for Grandma day.

Okay, so deets on the pattern.  I used the Oliver + S Popover Sundress in a size 4 with the length of a 5.  It is still quite big on George in the chest, so I wanted to add length for extended wear.

When Grandma day was over, I took my camera there to snap a few more.  But, Elizabeth had just woken up after falling asleep in the car and wasn't really in to cooperating.  I told her she could have a creamy if I could change her shoes and take a picture really quickly.  Nope, she didn't want to change the shoes- that was fine.  And insisted on keeping the popsicle in the picture.  Meh, I didn't have high expectations.

In this picture you can see the stripes a little bit.  I used a chambray for the yoke and bias straps and added a bit of piping just to the front.

She has this tick when she is upset or anxious, she twists her hair.  It is better if I keep it in a pony tail or pig tails, we have had to undo knots when left down.

For Georgia's I used fabrics I have had for-ever!  A few years back I scored a bunch of Riley Blake + Michael Miller prints for under $3/yd and these were both from then.  I was waiting for the perfect project, it feels nice to finally use them.

When I showed them the dresses, George shouted 'just like my panda dolly dress!' She has been playing a lot with Abby's dolls, so (someday) when I finish her matching dress I am sure she will be so excited.


  1. love the side eye one, they make me giggle!

  2. I'm lovin' the second photo.

  3. They are hilarious!!! And the dresses are adorable, I especially love the bias stripes and chambray - subtle and perfect!

  4. The pictures cracked me up. My favorite is the one where they are practicing for the limbo :) Adorable girls and dresses.