Monday, April 13, 2015

Shandiin times two.

A few weeks ago, a friend pinned the Shandiin Tank and I commented that it was an easy sew and she could totally make it.  A little bit later, she asked if I would be willing and said of course!  She wanted something springy and coordinating for her girls, so I went through my stash and gave her a bunch of options.  

So she chose two she liked and left it up to me to decide if they should have contrasting fabrics for the bindings and back, and who would get which print.  I thought it would be fun, and in true coordinating fashion to make the contrasts out of the opposite main fabric.

I just love the back of these tops.  The one I made for Abby was only worn once other than pictures, sigh.  But I remembered not liking how low the arms were cut for her, so for the bigger one I sized down the top and added length since her oldest is tall and thin.

It's always fun to sew for others, at least I think so.


  1. They are very cute. Although I have to say that I don't love sewing for others - it always stresses me out because I think they won't like it. I'm sure you will not have that problem with these.

  2. These are precious! I love the fabric combos.

  3. They are so cute, perfect matching-but-not-too-much!
    xx N