Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wild Shandiin.

For day two of Kids Clothes Week, I wasn't planning on sewing, but Grandpa invited the girls to go in the hot tub with him and it just happened to coincide with Sam's nap.  It was fate, I *had* to sew, ha!  Luckily I already had something cut out and could get right to it, and being I had just made this pattern for a friend I didn't even need to look at the instructions so it was super fast. 

I made the Shandiin Tunic in a size 4 with some extra length.  I could have gone down a size, apparently, or even two for Georgia (on the left).  It was hard to pick a size because there were only finished measurements, no body measurements, but how much ease?  Oh well, I guess with the extra length they can get extra long wear out of these, if George can keep the straps up.  But she is determined, because she loves it.

I hurried and got them ready as soon as they woke up, the big tree in our yard shades the front step for about an hour in the morning, they begged me to let them wear them even after we were done with the pictures (which was the plan) so I will call them a win.


  1. I love these tops. I just checked that pattern out and it looks like you altered the pattern by not doing the snaps down the front, is that right? Was that hard to do?

    Sweet sweet twin girls. I have three year old twin girls also! And one of them is named Georgia Elizabeth. Too funny.

    1. That is so funny! Georgia isn't a very common name:)

      There are multiple versions in the pattern, button front or solid front and tank/tunic options.

  2. So sweet! They should get several years wear out of these.:)

  3. I love it when they not only want to wear what you've sewn, but don't want to take it off! Cute 'same but different' dresses ;o)