Thursday, July 2, 2015

Messy hair.

 Since Abby has been wearing my recent makes for her quite a bit, I figured I may as well go a bit overboard and make her a bunch of things before she changes her mind, ha!

I made her a couple of city gym shorts then she requested begged for a shirt to go with her favorite of the two.

I used the lunch box tee in a size 10 with length for my tall girl and a vinyl she chose.  She thought they would go perfectly with the shorts.  I am still on the fence, but she is super happy and already picking out nail polish to coordinate.

I made a size 11 in the shorts even though she was over that size.  It was the largest in the pattern and I figured I would take a chance.  I love that they aren't fabric hogs, and that they look cute with two different fabrics.  The gray is from a large-ish scrap I had kicking around that I loved and couldn't just throw away.

These were my first pair to check the fit.  She liked the print and chose the color of binding from my stash.  I was lazy and used ready made binding.  While not nearly as soft, it definitely wins when it comes to convenience.  Bonus, it takes less than a package to make these.

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