Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three new makes.

As I tend to go on streaks, it looks like this week is all about makes for me.  

First up was a Beatrix.  I was a tester for this new pattern from Rae, but up until this week had only made muslin versions.  Not wearable muslins, literally muslin.  So, knowing that I liked the way my tester pieces fit me, I used those for this version from a Cotton + Steel lawn (this stuff is glorious!).  I am pretty sure in the final version the shirt length is a little shorter.

I can see this being a hot, wrinkly mess pretty quickly.  I ironed this perfectly smooth, then picked up Sam for a minute before taking these pictures.  Meh, real life, I guess.

Next up was a Union St. Tee.  I have owned this one for forever, but for some reason the neckline intimidated me a little.  It shouldn't have, it was fairly easy.  I didn't quite nail the 'v', but I am fairly happy with this one.  I have been wearing it all day, this fabric is magical. I have no idea the content, but it is so buttery soft.  Again, from my amazeballs hardware/fabric store, pretty sure I am going back to see if they have anything else like it.  I wasn't sold on the print but I figured this would be my wearable muslin, and best part is it cost less than $8 and the print is really growing on me.

I love that there is a print shop copy included, so much nicer than taping and tracing.  I took it to my local shop, though, and the guy helping me couldn't figure out why I wasn't satisfied with the smaller paper and my 1" box measuring anything less than 1".  SMH.  Sewer's problems, amirite?

So as soon as I finished the floral one, I was cutting this one.  I literally used every last bit, hence the white neckband, there just wasn't enough left.  I even managed to cut one of the sleeves upside down, too bad for me.  I am pretty sure I will be making more of these, they are so comfy!


  1. I really love that Union St tee on you!! That first one is just beautiful in that fabric and with the longer sleeve length (that length is very flattering and graceful on you). I really must know more about this mysterious hardware/fabric store!! You need to take pictures next time you go, I want to know what it looks like! Like, do they have a fabric section? Or is it all mixed together? So interesting! LOL.

  2. Yay for selfish sewing! Lovely tees, and I really like that middle print in particular. Also I have a yard of the arrow print, saved for boy sewing ... but it's a good choice for girls, too, looks like!