Thursday, June 25, 2015

Flowers + pineapples.

 Day four of kids clothes week, and two more dresses in the books.

I ordered this stretch denim from girlcharlee at the beginning of the year with these dresses in mind, I never put them at the top of my list, then I realized I wasn't going to have enough fabric if I didn't hurry up!  As it was, I baaaarely eeked these out of a yard and that was with some creative cutting, luckily they aren't a directional print.

But aren't they gorgeous?  All the heart eyes.

I used the Mingo + Grace Blake Dress pattern, size 4 with 1/4" seam allowance for the bodice to give just a tiny bit more room.  I probably should have done a 5, Izzy's (pineapple) fits her perfectly right now, which means it likely wont last the summer.  George has plenty of room, though.  She's my skinny minnie.

So, I didn't love this pattern.  I LOVE the finished product from the outside, but on the inside the back zipper is messy.  The pattern's instructions when it comes to the zipper were sparse, and instructed you to find a certain tutorial online as 'installing invisible zippers can be tricky'.  Personally, when I buy a pattern I don't want to be told to go find someone else's instructions online somewhere.  It also doesn't mention what to do with the excess from above the zipper pull.  Do I fold it out of the way and tack it down?  Cut it off?  Next time (if there is one) I will install it per the Oliver + S Fairy Tale way and sew it to the main, then hand sew the lining to it, giving it a nice clean finish.

Negative and my nit picking aside, I really do love these dresses.  The denim gives nice body that makes the pleats puff out a bit.  The girls love them because they are great for twirling.  When I was making them Iz told me 'the pineapples look yummy'.  Ha!

On to day 5.


  1. Very cute! It does make a lovely dress, so girly.
    Those hair bows!

  2. I hadn't thought about a pleats ability to add twirl. I'm a circle skirt fan because they twirl so well. I'm excited to try something new now. The dresses are fabulous!

  3. You are rocking KCW like always, Brittney! I adore everything you've sewn so far and can't wait to see what you whip out in the next few days.:)

  4. Great fabrics. I love the 'same but different' pairs you have been sewing them ;o)