Monday, June 15, 2015

Arrows and flowers.

I have been sewing quite a bit, but slacking on the blogging side.  I need to, or I'll forget sizes and my notes.  

I have been talking patterns and fabrics with Abby lately, trying to get a better idea of what she wants in her clothes.  I think I nailed it on these tops, if I may be so bold to say that.  

I used the Oliver + S Lunch Box Tee in a size ten with length added, I didn't measure but I think it was around 2".  I wanted them to last and she is due for a growth spurt, I think.

This one is my favorite, and I think her's too.

Same size and added length for this one, I actually took the risk and cut two out at the same time.

I have some solids on the way and some customizing ideas for a few more tops for her, her birthday is in a few weeks and I think I am going to try and surprise her.  Which could be great or a disaster, time will tell, but I think if I stick to knit I will be pretty safe.


  1. must try this pattern out - those contrast sleeves are perfect for those little leftover bits that I never seem to throw away!

  2. You definitely nailed it! Both tops look great. I love the contrast sleeves on the arrow shirt.