Saturday, June 27, 2015

Polka Dots.

Day 5 of kids clothes week, I wasn't planning on sewing, but Ben put on a gory war movie I wasn't interested in so rather than be responsible and go to bed I decided to stay up and sew another dress.  No regrets... mostly, ha!  I went as far as the invisible zipper, then finished up closing the back and hem this morning.  

This is another Mingo + Grace Blake dress, again in size 4, I wanted a 5 but since I was sewing with the baby asleep in my bedroom/fabric + pattern stash room, I just added a bit of width to my already traced pattern pieces.

I used a Riley Blake home dec I found in my magical hardware/fabric shop.  It isn't as heavy as the stretch denim ones from yesterday, but definitely heavier than quilting cotton.  Bonus for these three dresses is there will be zero ironing.  yay!  Or at least I hope no ironing for this one, there isn't on the other two.

'Mom, this is how da princesses hold deir dresses'

I chose a fun zipper this time too, I didn't get a close up of the last ones, but for the floral one I used a purple zip.  I nearly went red with this one, but I didn't want it too patriotic and while my hardware/fabric shop has a great selection of fabric it is kind of lacking in the zipper and button department.

I also changed the way the invisible zipper is inserted since I was unhappy with it in the original dresses.  I unpicked a few inches at the back neck then sewed the zipper to just the main fabric, sewed the neckline back in place and hand stitched the lining to the zipper giving it a nice clean finish on the inside.  I need to buy a hook to add to the top, but it will work for now.  I am much happier with the zipper this way.

This one was finished earlier in the week.  I found this cool border print in Abby's approved colors, I told her the only catch was that it had to be a dress because of the location of the print.  She decided that still would be okay, so I made her an Oliver + S Roller Skate in a size 10 with length.  She has already worn it once all day this week, which I will call a win.  She has now decided she wouldn't mind a few casual dresses in her closet.

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  1. Both are super cute....and yea for the wins {in both the zipper department AND casual dress department}!! You've been on a KCW sewing roll!