Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For the boys.

Adding two to my total favorite pattern makes for day 3 of kids clothes week.  I find I can assembly line two items before I get bored, so I figured why not two tees, one for each boy.  

Jack's is a size 7 Field Trip Raglan in a so soft Volkswagen print.  Don't let his face fool you, he was really excited for this shirt, and didn't mind taking a picture- as long as he didn't have to smile.  He's channeling his inner male model, apparently.

For the first time I didn't use ribbing on the neckline as this knit (and Sam's) was pretty stretchy.  I like the look, and was glad to not worry about trying to match perfectly, as it turns out, this white and my ribbing were two slightly different shades.

Sam's is a Riley Blake knit, they are really nice!  I made him a size 18 month.  He is a few days shy of one, but wears 18m RTW and this fits just about right, maybe a little big.

I used up a scrap of a medium weight chambray I had kicking around after making these shorts, those things held up for forever and I had to hide them when they got too tight.  I used the Sketchbook Shorts also in 18 months and they are big, he is still wearing his 12 month O+S pants, but I wanted them to last the whole summer.

I have another pair of these partially made, well mostly, just need a waistband.  On to day 4!

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  1. So cute. I also love the Field Trip pattern. I haven't tried Sketchbook yet but it's on my list for the next pattern sale:)