Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 Tomorrow these two princesses turn four, I almost can't believe it!  Jack turned seven the end of May, Sam turns one next week and Abby ten the week after- then we're done with birthday season 'round these parts!

For their birthday, Grandma wants to take them to a princess show tonight at our local outdoor theater- wish us luck, ha!  Not only is it at 8:45 pm, it's blazing hot.  Hopefully it cools off once the sun goes down.

So, I decided they needed princess dresses to go to the show, and in true me fashion I finished them up at the last minute.  To be fair, I only knew for about two weeks and Sam was super sick all last week, so I didn't have a ton of time.

I figured the easiest way to go was with the Fairy Tale Dress, I have used it before for a Cinderella and an Anna.  I wanted them to last, but not be crazy big, so I only went one size up (well, probably two for George), using a size 5.  I also used the Library Dress sleeves with some added width and an added band.

Georgia has long been obsessed with Rapunzel, I don't know if it's because she looks like her (blonde hair and green eyes) or she loves the color purple, but I knew she'd flip over this one.  And I was right, she was soooo excited when she saw it!

Elizabeth was harder to choose for, and since it was a surprise I didn't ask ahead of time.  She isn't *as* thrilled, but she does like it.  She still loves her Anna dress, but I figured it would be too hot with the long sleeves and guessing she'd insist on the cape too.

Now my mind is spinning with ideas for more ways to customize this pattern for princesses, though I don't recommend making two Fairy Tale dresses in two days, ha!


  1. How on Earth did you make these in two days? You are a marvel!
    Happy Birthday, sweet girls

  2. What Nicole said.....TWO DAYS??? Amazing!! Have fun at the show!!

  3. I think my comment got eaten. I can't believe you did this in two days. Also, they are so classic looking, not too froofy, but recognizable as the princess dresses they are.

  4. Thanks Nicole, Frances Suzanne and Masha:) I got away with two days by sewing a crazy amount of hours, all of the baby's naps and up until midnight;) I also skipped (for now) hand sewing the lining to the zipper and took short cuts where I could. It was worth it, they were beyond excited to wear them to the show.

  5. Happy (belated) birthday girls! The dresses are adorable, Brittney.:)