Friday, October 23, 2015

A peplum top.

Our family pictures are coming up in just over a week, Abby needed something in our colors so I wanted to make her something cute.  First, though, I needed a trial run.  I took a risk late last night and picked fabric without her approval, but it wasn't too girly and the colors were pretty fall, so I figured she'd go for it.  And she did, she loves it. 

I used my favorite School Bus T-shirt, size 12 with mods.  I followed the instructions on the Oliver and S blog to make the shirt in to a peplum.  I measured to her natural waist before, knowing I wanted to try this, but then panicked that maybe I had done something wrong and I shouldn't cut it that short.  It's not bad, but I think I should have gone a little higher.  That's why this is a test run.

She will wear elbow sleeves year round, so I figure why not go with that length, plus I didn't have quite enough fabric for a full length sleeve.  I squeezed this out of a yard, barely, I was sweating it just a little.

I am so excited my new tags finally came.  My old ones, while I like the look of them better, they were just printed on.  The listing claimed they wouldn't fray or fade, but they did both.  This time I found another shop that makes them woven in, which is what I had a long, long time ago and they were awesome.

So, now on to the 'real' one!


  1. I love the fabric you chose!!! So pretty!

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  3. Super cute! So where did you order the new tags from?

    1. Thanks! I got them from